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Take a real break with wine tours Melbourne

My partner and I love to get away for the long weekend for a well-earned break and some one on one relaxation time. We love to go camping but come summer time, we hit the Mornington Peninsula for some sea and sunshine like many other Melbournians.

The beaches are great but in-between lying on the sand and dipping in the hot springs we like to go wine tasting. We used to do it on our own but recently tried wine tours Melbourne, and here’s why we are converts.

We certainly don’t do to wineries to get hammered but we do go to have fun and try a variety of wines. Driving ourselves means that one usually misses out more than the other and we tend to visit one place each time, having to wait for the alcohol to subside.

With Out & About Wine Tours we went to 3 different locations, could taste test all the wines and champagnes together, and we even enjoyed our favourite bottle over lunch.

Now that’s the real way to take a break!


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