How to apply hair extensions without damaging your hair

Hair extensions are a fast growing popular way to lengthen hair. When applying hair extensions there is one thing that all women will have in common. They want their extensions to appear natural and blend in with their hair, and to cause as little damage as possible. Take this advice to achieve a professional look without causing permanent damage to your hair.

Go for clip-in hair extensions. Hair extensions that are applied by sewing in or gluing on to hair cause the most damage, putting stress on your scalp and hair follicles and preventing healthy regrowth. Clip-ins are the easiest and gentlest hair extensions available.

When applying clip-in hair extensions make sure that you tease your hair at the root this will give the clip something tough to latch on to and allow you to disguise the base of the extension so that they appear natural.

However for the best application with the least damage, check out for the best quality extensions.


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