Health & Well Being

Treadmills For Everyone

A treadmill isn’t the most versatile bit of gym equipment but it does have the advantage of offering something for everyone. From a slow walk to a steady uphill sprint, the treadmill is ideal for fitness, cardio and weight loss, rehabilitation, the very old, the very young etc. It’s simplicity keeps it accessible to those who are new to gym exercise and those not yet in good shape and it’s great to be able to workout in your own home.

I use my treadmill in front of the TV, listening to music… I’ve even read a book while on the treadmill. We now have two in the study so I can run with my partner or with a friend and we can catch up while we work out. Lifespan Fitness have a great range of affordable treadmills from the very simple to the state of the art. We love ours.


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