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An Easy Solution for Prams

Among the hardest items to clean as a parent for young children is their pram or stroller. Kiddies are normally little grubs, so it does not take significantly long for the stroller to become coated in an enormous mess that will be a challenge to clean.

Nevertheless, a solution has hit our shelves in form a pram lining. A pram liner is a comfy protector you are able to affix to your stroller or pram to safeguard it from mess, they give the stroller a bit of zing as well.


A stroller liner is actually helpful any moment of the year, with the specific cotton lining, your son or daughter will be more comfy because they are sitting on a more breathable material that will keep them cooler even on hot days.

You are able to put pram liners into the washer as well, which saves you time and effort. With no lining to protect the stroller, parents would be cleaning the entire stroller constantly.

In conclusion, a pram liner a superb inclusion and a necessity for all parents with newborns. It keeps your baby warm in winter, cool in summer, it is easy to clean and they are a cheap accessory that will save you time and effort.

Prices range from $20 – $40.


Allied Health Courses Online

Allied health courses and nursing courses online can help everyone that wants to succeed in the medical field. There are also many different courses available in allied health.

The online courses include certificate III’s, certificate IV’s and diplomas and these are just some of the wonderful courses offered online through Acquire Learning.

All of the Allied health courses are taught by the most advanced professionals in their field and come from reputable education institutions.

There are many good things about these courses.

The first good thing is that people that choose to take these courses will gain knowledge strictly in their field. This knowledge gets people ready to further their career in physio, nutrition, nursing, dietetics, working with the elderly, medical assistance, theatre technician and many more professions.

For those already in the medical field, taking these courses will help you apply for better jobs, and it will also you make more money too.

Another great thing about Allied health courses is that there is financial help for every student from the Government through VET FEE help, meaning the course is paid off over time and comes out of your salary over a 10-20 year period.

Opting to study Allied health courses online make sure that these courses will not interfere with your day to day occupation.

Food & Drink

Melbourne Burger – Melbourne culture


Our city is renowned for its popular burger culture. The Melbourne CBD and surrounding suburbs are brimming with funky cafes and speciality burger joints. There are the trusted locations and the hunt for the new burger house and best burger in Melbourne in on 24/7.

Any city that has an inherent eating culture believes that they serve the best burgers around and Burgers of Melbourne is helping the cause. The cafes and pubs, restaurants and fish and chip shops are all fighting for the loyal burger enthusiasts.

All it takes is a word in the Melbourne lifestyle pages or credit from a Melbourne hipster blogger that you make Melbourne’s best burgers and you will have a line forming outside and patron waiting list faster than you can say ‘Smash a Patty’.

House and Land

Self Storage Does The Job

There’s nothing so new or glamorous about self storage. As far as space saving and gear minding, it’s not the most exciting of solutions and the world of self storage doesn’t change much, year after year. It is still a great way to deal with an excess of stuff in a variety of situations; when you’re moving, travelling, relocating cities, selling your home, renovating, overstocked…

The thing to look for is cheap self storage that is well managed and well located for you.

In Docklands, ‘Guardian Storage’ should tick most of these boxes. They’ve been around a long time and know their business. They have a variety of unit sizes, which are all well priced.

Visit their website here to find out more: here

Make sure you ask about the special one month free and the hire of their ute, these things are offered to new customers, but you need to know about them to get the benefit.

House and Land

inDesign Blinds Getting All Exterior

I move regularly and like to spend a bit of money fixing up the home to improve the feeling and resale value.

Nothing major but small, smart investments in fixtures and superficial stuff that make all the difference.

I’ve used inDesign Blinds often enough for things like roller blinds and Venetian blinds that I know I can rely on them when ever I need to. I was speaking to them about Venetians for the new place and we got to talking about shutters as well. I was really happy to hear they get involved in shutters, as blinds and shutters work really well together.

There’s a pretty big range of plantation shutters to choose from and they help you with selecting the right solution for the right space.

inDesign Blinds deliver and install as well so I if your in the market for some new blinds or shuters, you now know where to go for the best service in Melbourne.


Use the STOP sign for limo hire Melbourne

I have been to tens of weddings over the past couple years and have seen every mode of transport known to mankind. A horse and carriage, retro convertibles, bright pink hummers, motorbikes with side cars, and even a helicopter.

When it was my turn to work down the aisle I realised it’s about the celebration and the destination, so I chose limo hire Melbourne for my wedding day. I didn’t want to be in an uncomfortable ride in a big dress and nerves setting in just for a 30 second wow factor.

Limo hire Melbourne is classic and classy and when I got out of the limousine all eyes were on me not on my vehicle. I used CBD Limousines and if you want style without sharing the spotlight I suggest you do the same.

House and Land

Relaxing Sandhurst Close to Melbourne

I’ve been on the hunt for a good alternative to the inner city hustle and bustle. It’s hard to find any new off the plan apartment developments that don’t have that are not in the middle of the Melbourne CBD. I have visited a lot of developments because for me at least, this isn’t an everyday purchase; it’s somewhere I intend to call home for the foreseeable future.

If you’re on the lookout for something classy but still affordable and are at all like me, ticks all my boxes.

They have a variety of developers on board so you can view all current developments online without having to drive around Melbourne.

It is the first of its kind for this type of website, which is exactly what Australia has been waiting for.